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25 25-TBTW i gruppen  hos Musikproffset.se (374250317450)

25 25-TBTW

Betyg på 25 25-TBTW i gruppen  hos Musikproffset.se
1245 kr
Artnr: 374250317450


"TBTW-BK. Pickup Thunderbird Bass Dual Mode aktiv Black. The Thunderbird is a classic body style and 25 offers direct replacement pickups for players looking to get more from their instrument. Under the cap of the TBTW are two independent pickups: a single coil and a humbucker, each with their own uniquely voiced preamp. The single-coil mode is our JCS pickup built with ceramic magnets and steel pole pieces for a rich, warm tone. The humbucker mode is our popular CS (ceramic steel) dual-coil for a big, aggressive sound with a pronounced mid-range. A push/pull volume (or tone) pot allows you to change from the rich clarity of a J pickup sound to the fatness of the CS humbucker. When using two of TW Pickups in the same instrument it is not recommended that our BT or BQ Systems be used. Each pickup requires a push/pull pot for switching from single coil to humbucker, so the balance control included with the system can'?t be installed. If you want to use the balance control, consider switching single/dual coil outputs with a DPDT toggle switch(s) instead. In the Box 25's exclusive Quik-Connect? cable, prewired solid shaft volume/tone control set, output jack, battery clip set, and adjustment screws."