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PROMARK SM4 i gruppen  hos Musikproffset.se (765600046550)


Betyg på PROMARK SM4 i gruppen  hos Musikproffset.se
645 kr
Artnr: 765600046550


"SM4 - SPYR Mallet Marimba, Medium-Hard, Yarn, Birch. Go-to general use mallet for indoor and outdoor marching percussion. The combination of a slightly larger mallet head with an internal brass weight provide a full, fundamental tone that cuts through the ensemble. These mallets are also constructed with a slightly thicker shaft than traditional marimba mallets for improved balance and durability. SPYR is a collaboration with world-renowned percussionists, designers and educators Kevin Shah and Tony Nunez. Designed with the educator in mind, the SPYR series features a full suite of mallets that cover the complete spectrum of sounds required on keyboard instruments for the variety of ensembles and performances that educators lead. No more need for multiple mallet lines to outfit your different ensembles. With SPYR, we?ve got you covered. Ideal For: Indoor Marching. Outdoor Marching. Concert. Features: Handle: Material: Birch. Tip Material: Yarn. Finish: Natural. Type: Marimba Mallets. Hardness: 5."